Key Success Factors in an IT Recruitment Process in Romania

For those IT companies that are looking to outsource their IT services, Romania has become a very hot market for IT staffing as this labor market has been known to provide candidates with good technical skills and strong ethics when it comes to meeting corporate requirements.

Yet, as each country that you hire in has a different culture, you will find that Romania is one place where the IT market tends to place an emphasis on the employee experience. Because of this type of dynamic market, employing a slightly different approach to your recruiting practices when you interview and review IT candidates can mean greater success.

At, we have identified several non-technical and technical key factors that ultimately lead to success with the IT staffing process. More than that, we have refined our services to assist with these factors, and our goal is to facilitate the process so that both parties enjoy the best-fit outcome they desire.

IT recruitment process in Romania

Here are several key non-technical factors that can drive many candidates to want to try out or switch from their current job for another IT company:

  • Flexibility: A variety of incentives built into the contract, flex-time, the number of hours worked per week, and allowing for other personal circumstances can be strong selling points.
  • Physical Working Environment: Are there shuttle buses or transportation incentives? What other facilities, including break rooms does the company provide?
  • Brand Reputation: Does the company have a strong reputation both on social media and web? Candidates pay a great attention to a company’s reputation, accomplishments etc.
  • Company Culture – Some aspects that are considered to be a plus include: transparency, sincerity, and open adult communication in interpersonal relationships.
  • Size of the IT department: The greater the size of the IT department and areas of specialties, the greater the attraction for a potential employee to apply.

In addition to these company attributes, for many entry-level hires- a path forward that either provides skills growth or at least specialization over time is something many Romanian job seekers would like to see.

What to Avoid When You Are Planning to Hire Candidates:

Recruiting markets everywhere typically change over time, but especially when it comes to the IT market, a fast-growing dynamic market that gains more and more recognition worldwide. At this point, as competition tends to favor employees, the dynamics of the Romanian IT market is much the same as it in the United States or Europe when there is a hiring boom.

Here are some of areas where your sensitivity can be key to bringing in a great new hire, according to

  • Communication skills vs Technical skills: By focusing on evaluating a potential new hire’s technical skills rather than their communication skills, you will probably hit the mark in your hiring evaluation. Many Romanians in programmer jobs are strong in written communication and will pick up better verbal communication cues from their co-workers over time.
  • Technical Experience: If you focus on formal school or diplomas as a basis for experience, you might not see the technical skillset that has been put together in the workplace over time by these potential great IT candidates. You will likely be successful if you emphasize referrals and a display of prior knowledge via either a portfolio or summary.
  • New Technologies: Many of those following an IT career path in Romania are interested in learning and adding new technologies to their skillsets. Evaluating their potential as someone who is trainable in a company setting can net you a strong hire over time.

How We Help
Whether you need assistance with finding the best IT staffing solutions for your company, our IT recruitment consultants are ready to assist you. Initially, we get to know more about the needs of our job applicant requirements and our corporate clients. We understand that there are many factors that both employers and job applicants seek during the IT recruitment process. We are ready to assist you so that you meet your employment needs by carefully screening both parties, and we recommend a match for a best-fit solution.

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