About us

We are a passionate and professional team of HR & IT recruiters and consultants assisting European businesses in searching and selecting talent among IT and Communication experts from Central and Eastern Europe. As a dedicated and thorough IT recruiter, we uphold transparency, agility, simplicity and diversity as our core values.
As an IT recruitment and IT staffing company, we have facilitated many successful HR & IT career path experiences, employing modern tools, an extensive database of candidates and specialised IT recruiters. We are consistently building-up our own comprehensive data base that currently includes thousands of IT specialists who have already passed our preliminary technical assessments and career interviews.
If you are an IT SPECIALIST ready for a new opportunity, a FREELANCER looking for your next project, or if you are a COMPANY looking for an IT expert or trying to find IT freelancers: Head Hunting IT is here for you. We are an IT Recruitment and IT Staffing company, acting as a link between leading companies and skilled IT experts in Romania and other South-Eastern European countries.
We have built an extensive database with various IT profiles, from which IT experts can be recruited and/or hired immediately, on a permanent or temporary basis. Our dynamic, friendly, and professional team likes to keep it simple with our business partners, candidates, and freelancers.

For Candidates

Head Hunting IT offers a wide range of IT recruitment opportunities for both IT experts and freelancers and IT staffing solutions for any company around the world. If you want us to find you your next job opportunity, just send us your CV at:
One of our HR specialists will contact you shortly for a quick phone-interview, followed by an on-line technical assessment. We will then try to find the best match between your profile and our customers’ needs, and get back to you promptly. We are flexible in terms of your preferred type of employment contract, working hours and special personal needs.

For Freelancers

Head Hunting IT offers a wide range of IT projects and clients trying to find freelancers. If you are an IT freelancer and you want us to find you your next project, just send us your CV at:
Please also add your technological IT expertise, project type(s), and minimum hourly-rate. One of our HR specialists will contact you shortly for a quick phone-interview. We will then try to find the best match between your profile and our customers’ needs and get back to you with a proposed IT project opportunity.

For Companies

If you are short of IT specialist resources for your existing IT projects or if you want to find freelancers for any of your new and important projects, we can help you in searching for the ideal resources for you.
We can make a difference by our agile approach, time of response, extensive tools and database, and by our informal yet professional style. If you want us to find you your IT experts, staff your projects or find freelancers, just send us a short e-mail at:


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  • Delivery of the first short-list in maximum 5 days for normal positions and 15 days for management positions;
  • Competitive recruitment & staffing fees;
  • 100% success fees;
  • 3 months guarantee;
  • Specialized in and focused on the IT, Communication and Banking market;
  • The right match between a company and a candidate / freelancer;
  • Reduced time spent by employers to find the right resource.

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