In Search of the Dream Job: What are IT Experts Looking for?

The IT experts take pride in their professions and appreciate every opportunity to advance their skill sets. These highly trained professionals know that in order to have access to the most exciting opportunities, they have to be proactive in nurturing their career. These discerning individuals know what they want out of a good opportunity and prioritize these attributes when evaluating potential jobs. IT experts are looking for several things in their new endeavors.

it careeer path - dream job

  • Flexibility is one of the most important things IT recruitment professionals should keep in mind when searching for the perfect candidate. IT professionals appreciate being able to set their own schedules. In fact, many professionals design their IT career path with flexibility in mind, purposefully identifying the skill set that will give them the level of flexibility they desire. They are attracted to opportunities that allow them to telecommute or create the schedule that permits them to get more out of life.
  • Individuals prefer a degree of autonomy in their programmer jobs. They prefer being able to work with deadlines and are confident in their ability to get things done. In entrusting them with authority and empowering the employee with the right tools, these professionals can get things done, requiring very little in the way of supervision.
  • These professionals want options. They want to know that the effort they put into their position will provide transferable skills and access to different advancement opportunities. They want the opportunity to personally develop their personal brand.
  • Employees value challenges and variety. These professionals like to explore and solve challenging problems with their skill set. They appreciate mentorship and sponsorship opportunities. IT professionals want to explore and are actively seeking out ways to put their skill set to use to create innovative solutions.
  • Put the culture of the company center stage. IT professionals have a wealth of opportunities available to them so they have latitude when it comes to choosing opportunities that are ideal for them. This means that things like culture can make a difference when a candidate weighs the pros and cons of two nearly identical positions.

If recruiting IT professionals, these components can make for an attractive job opportunity to a potential candidate. Variety, versatility and flexibility speak to IT professionals. They prefer having access to opportunities that will advance their skill set and allow them to apply their talents to solve complex problems. Innovators at heart, these professionals value autonomy and independence in any opportunity being considered.

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