Why Relocate to Bucharest or Transylvania

Romanian IT Industry on The Rise

According to Forbes Magazine, the newest tech start-up region in Europe isn’t UK, Germany or even France—it’s Romania.

Two areas have been rising above the rest in the Romanian tech industry: Bucharest and Transylvania. While both of these areas have plenty to offer in terms of activities and culture, they are each extremely unique.

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The benefits for IT experts are one of the main reasons the country has become so hot in the IT world. Income tax in Romania for workers in this field can be as low as zero. That’s right: Nada and zilch. Although different tax regulations apply based upon national citizenship requirements, people easily appreciate why working for a few years in Romania often offers a career boost to technically savvy young professionals from other EU nations with high income tax burdens. It’s no wonder such a huge IT specialist pool has been headed here. With over 64,000 specialized IT specialists holding employment in the information technology industry, IT recruitment has been seeing a huge boom over the past few years.

Whether or not you realized it before, Romania is becoming one of the fastest-growing markets for IT experts in Europe. But if you’re a smart IT specialist, you definitely need more reasons why moving to Romania is a good idea. If you get contacted by an IT recruitment firm, you may be offered a job in either Bucharest or Transylvania. Here are some of the best reasons why you should consider accepting the job offer:

Living Abroad in Bucharest

If you’re located in Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, or any other Western European city, Bucharest might feel a little familiar. The city has an old-world charm combined with a hip, metropolitan vibe. But that’s not all! Here’s what to expect if you’re looking to relocate to Bucharest:

Top things to do in Bucharest

Many recreational activities and fun events offer an opportunity to appreciate Romania’s scenic beauty and hospitable, friendly people.

Among top activities to do in Bucharest, consider the following:
• Visit Bucharest’s historic Old City quarter.
• Spend time relaxing in Bucharest’s delightful Cismigiu Gardens.
• Attend a concert at the Romanian Athenaeum in Bucharest.
• Bucharest is also home to the National Art Museum. Located in a former royal palace, the space is filled with national treasures as well as art from all over the world.
• The Museum of the Romanian Peasant is the perfect place to view Romanian costumes and get a peek into local history.


By night, Bucharest turns into a wild world of fun. Nightclubs, bars & pubs are scattered all over the city.


Both visitors and locals alike love the food in Bucharest. Where to eat? Here’s a list of Lonely Planet’s top suggestions.

Costs of Living

The aggregate adjusted cost of living index in Bucharest is at 93 and in Cluj-Napoca is even lower, at 77. Compare these numbers with London (at 277), or even Dublin (at 210) and your guess is right: your salary will stretch a lot further in Romania than in Sussex!

Work Culture

Your colleagues and most of the younger generation that you meet on the street are likely to speak English. As a result, you and your fellow IT experts won’t have to worry about any communications issues.

Internet Speed

But what’s the internet like, you’re probably wondering. If you’re going to be working in the IT field, you don’t want to be stuck with slow internet. Fortunately, Romania has some of the fastest internet in the world. Out of the top 15 cities with the highest internet speeds in the entire world, Romania has 9 of those spots. Bucharest is in third place in Romania, with an average speed of nearly 100Mbps. Unfortunately, this also means that you won’t be able to tell your boss that you couldn’t meet a certain project deadline because your internet was being too slow.

IT Hubs and Tech Conferences

As an IT specialist, you’ll definitely enjoy some of the largest technology conferences in Europe such as: Software Architecture Day, Internet & Mobile World, Cyber Security Day and many more.

Romania and Those Funny Confusions

See below even more reasons why you can adjust easily to daily life here:

• Romania uses an easily read Latin alphabet;
• The country retains strong cultural influences from Italy, Spain and France;
• Many high tech Romanian firms emulate Western corporate culture.

Living Abroad in Transylvania

If you hear the word Transylvania, you’re most probably thinking about Dracula or vampires. Though the country was once home to Vlad the Impaler – or the original Dracula – there is so much more to Transylvania. Not only has Lonely Planet named Transylvania the number one place to visit in 2016, it has miles of culture, nightlife and amazing scenery.

Top Things to Do in Cluj-Napoca and Transylvania

The area in and around Cluj-Napoca in Transylvania also offers many interesting activities for visitors. Just consider touring some of these attractions:
• Attend Untold, the largest annual electronic music festival in Romania.
• Attend the Electric Castle Music Festival at Banffy Castle, one of those cool summer festivals.
• Take a day excursion to Hunedoara to see the scenic Corvin Castle, built in the 1400s.
• Tour the Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania in Cluj-Napoca to appreciate the cultural diversity of the region.
• Visit the spectacular Turda Gorge, a beautiful wilderness reserve, as well as the Turda Salt Mine.

Costs of Living

Unlike the city of Bucharest, Transylvania is an entire region that encompasses many cities and towns. If your IT recruiter offers you a job in this area, the cost of living is even lower than it is in Bucharest. If your relocation budget isn’t very large, you may want to seek out an IT staffing position in this area of the country.

Art & Culture

Though many cities in the region are still covered in cobblestone streets, castles and monasteries, beneath the surface, there’s plenty more to see. Transylvania is steadily becoming one of the largest art capitals in Europe. Take as an example The Paintbrush Factory that has been leading the charge to painterly world domination.

Living in Transylvania can be quite exhilarating. Many IT experts have headed to this area in recent years and find it surprisingly like home. Romanians are known to be extremely generous and kind people.

Ski & Outdoor Activities

An IT specialist might also flock to Romania for the nearby mountains and ski areas. Forget the Alps! The Carpathian Mountains are now the new hot spot for hitting the black diamond trails. Even the Prince of Wales loves this glorious region; he often heads over to Transylvania to get glorious views of some of the most beautiful flowers in Europe—and even planted a similar garden near his home in the United Kingdom.

IT Hubs & Conferences

Tech-related events in Cluj-Napoca also interest IT experts from all over Europe. Some of the most important ones included the Software Architecture Development Talks and Software Architecture Day and these are just a few. The latter conference also held sessions in Bucharest, Iasi and Timisoara.

A Great Adventure

Romania offers some of the most alluring locations for talented IT professionals. Relocating to Bucharest or Transylvania may be just what you need. Try new food, visit new places and meet new people! It’s almost like getting paid to be on vacation.

Great opportunities are waiting! Contact one of our IT specialists here and see what we have to offer.

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