The Pandemic: Turning Loss into Gain. An Interview with the CEO of Head Hunting IT

The pandemic period was a challenge for everyone of us and for sure it left us with some marks. Here is an interview about the pandemic, personal and professional plans and also future plans coming from our General Manager, Razvan Rada.

Regarding the challenging times and the way they affected people, for each and every one of us it was different. For Razvan it was like this:

“The COVID-19 pandemic found me single, but not alone: I was enjoying life with my friends, colleagues, and parents, but unfortunately, the pandemic has been forcing me to reinvent my singleness under the new context: I am now constantly trying to prevent myself from going into aloneness. I feel as if the pandemic took quite a lot of the social pleasure away from my life. Being a predominant Latin country, situated in South-Eastern Europe, Romania used to satisfy me in terms of the joys and pleasures of life. There were communities, nice social events in Bucharest, interesting international festivals in Transylvania, and nature escapes in the Carpathian Mountains or in the Danube Delta, but for me, the pandemic simply attacked all of this good social energy. “

Head Hunting IT

From personal plans to professional ones, Razvan is talking about challenges during difficult times and about lessons learned:

Unfortunately, the pandemic affected the harmony in our company, which resulted in two valuable employees leaving. Ever since the pandemic started, I have been a true believer in the mixed model of remote working and office working, which was not necessarily welcome by all employees. Quite frequently, we only talk in terms of the needs that the employees have while neglecting the needs of the CEOs and the peoples’ managers in general. It may be quite comfortable for many individual contributors to perform their tasks from home, but this might turn into hard times for CEOs and other people managers.

About Razvan Rada – General Manager at Head Hunting IT (IT recruitment and IT staffing company)

Razvan graduated from “Babes-Bolyai University,” in Cluj-Napoca, with a major in business, and followed a career in management consulting, ERP systems, and project management. His professional career was consolidated by working in several international companies, such as KPMG and Microsoft Romania. 

10 years ago he decided to try something new and decided for entrepreneurship experience. “One of the previous CEOs that I had worked with offered me the chance to establish a private company called Head Hunting IT. This was a valuable example of both good mentorship and trust that I received from an experienced entrepreneur, along with good personal fear management. I am happy that I was curious and open to this new experience.”, Razvan has shared with us.

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