tax exemption for it experts

Positive Outlook for the IT industry in Romania: Tax Exemption for IT Experts

As one of the fastest-growing Information Technology (IT) locations in Central and Eastern Europe; Romania has made considerable progress within the Information and Communications Technology (ITC) sector. Over the past 15 years, Romania’s ITC industry has become deregulated, modernized and expanded to make it an attractive location for IT recruitment ...

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it careeer path - dream job

In Search of the Dream Job: What are IT Experts Looking for?

The IT experts take pride in their professions and appreciate every opportunity to advance their skill sets. These highly trained professionals know that in order to have access to the most exciting opportunities, they have to be proactive in nurturing their career. These discerning individuals know what they want out ...

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4 Reasons an IT Specialist from South-Eastern Europe is the Best Option for You

When filling IT specialist jobs, it can be difficult to find excellent employees with the cosmopolitan background to solve most companies’ pressing needs. More recently, however, companies are turning to IT experts from South-Eastern Europe for an employee base. With countries such as Romania long having developed the cultural values ...

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